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My earliest memory is from circa 2002 at 4 years old. I went out to ride on my red and yellow trike and I made a discovery - off the back of the seat dangled a delicate green chrysalis. 


Even then, I knew my role was to protect this vulnerable creature as it transformed. The trike sat untouched for a while until I came outside one day and all that was left was its a papery shell. The butterfly had emerged.


Growing up, with a grandfather like environmentalist Sir Rob it was impossible not to fall deeply in love with the natural world - and also recognise its fragility.


Whakapapa, biophilia, ecopsychology... Whatever you want to call it - we all have an undeniable tie with the natural world. I create art to feel this connection.


Our day-to-day lives can feel so far removed from nature and I hope my New Zealand inspired art can be a reminder of this intricate ecosystem of which we are guardians.

“We cannot win this battle to save

species and environments without

forging an emotional bond between ourselves and nature – for we will not

fight to save what we do not love.” 

Stephen Jay Gould
Evolutionary biologist

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