Pūpūrangi (kauri snails) are the Ferrari of snails. 10 metres in 2 weeks might not sound fast but that’s breaking the sound barrier in snail terms. Nothing about the pūpūrangi is standard - they’re giant, carnivorous and long-living (up to 20 years).


Before humans settled, pūpūrangi were widespread in the northern regions of New Zealand but sadly now they are quite rare. I hope that you have the pleasure to see one of these majestic creatures during your lifetime, but this piece assures that you can get a chance to enjoy its likeness.

This piece has been accented with red to mimic the colors of the Tino Rangatiratanga flag to honor the original guardians of Aotearoa.





GST Included
  • Available as rolled prints or framed by the artist, contact us for a quote to have your pieces framed.

    This can be presented beautifully solo or along side the Puriri Moth to complete the set